Cyberoam Unified Threat Management Appliances

In today’s Information age, need for continuous internet connectivity cannot be denied. As an individual user or as an employee in your organization, blended threats are waiting to attack YOU by identifying one vulnerable moment when your defenses are low. These can be viruses, malware, spam, Trojans and insider attacks like data theft and leakage. Securing YOU – the User, thus becomes critical! How do you ensure continuous security against sophisticated IT security threats?

Cyberoam’s identity-based security solutions can secure your every move at work, at home and while you travel – from the network gateway to the endpoints. It binds security with your identity and works as your private security guard, even when you are away from work or at home. Its endpoint security protects your sensitive data by securing your endpoints, storage devices and Elitecore Product controlling applications.

Cyberoam Unified Threat Management appliances offer comprehensive security to small, medium and large enterprises through multiple security features integrated over a single platform. It is the first UTM that embeds user identity in the firewall rule matching criteria, offering instant visibility and proactive controls over security breaches and eliminating dependence on IP Addresses. 

Cyberoam's unique Layer 8 technology treats USER as the 8th layer in the network stack. Also known as the Human layer, it penetrates through each of Cyberoam's security modules, allowing organizations to create user identity based security policies. This offers them complete visibility and control over user activities, showing who is doing what anywhere in the network and enables them to take network security decisions based on usernames and not just IP addresses. 

Cyberoam's identity-based security offers a high degree of granularity, making policy-setting an efficient process down to the user level that can be extended to any combination of group, job function or application. The IP independent nature of Cyberoam allows users to carry their own access rights and policies anywhere in the network, even in dynamic IP environments like DHCPand Wi-Fi.

Cyberoam's Layer 8 technology adds speed to the whole security set-up by offering administrators instant visibility into source of attacks, enabling them to identify attacker/victims by username and achieve immediate remediation to any security breach condition.

Cyberoam UTM Features Assure Security, Connectivity and Productivity

Cyberoam UTM offers security without compromising on connectivity and productivity. It offers a combination of best- of-breed assembly of solutions over a single interface, resulting in a complete, dependable shield that network threats find extremely difficult to penetrate.

UTM Datasheets
SOHO-ROBO Segment   Small to Medium Enterprises  
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